Quotes from the Town Hall Meeting

If you were following our Tweets from the Town Hall Meeting on nurse-to-patient staffing ratios this week, you may have seen some of these. They’re good enough to repeat again and in many cases, I’ve expanded them slightly. I also added a few that I didn’t have time to Tweet.

  • Estimated annual savings from adding one RN providing 7.8 hours per patient day – $60,100.
  • Reducing the nurse-to-patient ratio at Michigan hospitals may reduce Michigan hospital costs by up to $100 million per year.
  • Detroit hospitals spend $5 million per year in advertising just to recruit registered nurses.
  • If turnover is decreased to 5%, a savings of $250 million will be realized for Michigan’s acute-care and community hospitals.
  • Total costs for hospital-acquired pneumonia may be as high as $527 million per year in Michigan.
  • For every 1% increase in RN full time employees there is an increase of approximately 0.25% in hospital operating costs.

These quotes were taken from a report called Nurse-to-Patient Ratios in Michigan Hospitals by Dr. Laurence Rosen from Public Policy Associates in Lansing. You can see the entire report from Dr. Rosen on our Safe Patient Care webpage at www.minurses.org.

While you’re on the Safe Patient Care webpage, be sure to read the testimony presented by Ken Fletcher, MNA Director of Government Affairs. It has many excellent facts and statistics about the need for HB 4008, the Safe Patient Care Act.

This next set of quotes is from the nurses who were in attendance and testified in support of nurse-to-patient ratios.

  • We must staff for changing censuses as well as the “benchmarks.”
  • What is the priority, patient safety or patient satisfaction?
  • We have ratios . . . on paper . . . but that’s not what happens on the floor.
  • We run by budget not by need.
  • It’s sad to see that we call our patients “customers” rather than patients.
  • You will not hear quality care, you will hear patient satisfaction.
  • Management’s job is to staff. Nursing’s job is to provide care.

And finally:

  • You can’t have a good health system without talking about quality. (Marjorie Mitchell, President, MichUHCAN)
  • Real efficiency is when there is no loss of service. (Mike Keller, Legislative Director, Michigan State AFL-CIO)
  • This is a risk to the hospital to have short staffing . . . we must keep telling these stories. (Rep. Mark Meadows)

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