Books in the Header

Several people have asked me why we have a picture of stacks of old books in the header for Michigan Nurse Live. The header will no doubt change from time to time as we do different events and get pictures. For me, though, the books remind me a lot of the old bound volumes of Michigan Nurse that are in the MNA library in Okemos. Frankly, ours are in quite a bit better condition than the ones in the picture but those bound volumes remind me of our past, our roots.

I quite often have to research various things in old issues of Michigan Nurse and it’s always fun to take a few minutes to look at what was important to the MNA members at that time (not to mention the great ads for white nylons!). When we celebrated our 100th anniversary several years ago, we pored over those old issues, seeking out clues to how MNA was responding to current events. In some cases, that information was hard to find.

That struck a nerve in me and I thought to myself, “I need to make sure that future generations know what was happening with MNA in this decade. What was important to us? What historical events did we respond to? Where was our focus?” I have to confess, it’s much easier for me than the editors who came before me. I have CNN and the Internet, plus the technology of Facebook, Twitter and the blog to help. Anyone who follows NurseLine knows what MNA is up to on a weekly basis and if you’re a “fan” on the MNA Facebook page, you’re getting plenty of information on a daily basis. There is no end to the information we can find to give you.

That’s why I like the “old books” picture. It keeps me grounded. As we continually look for the latest news, it reminds us to pick the “best stuff,” the important details, the things that matter not only to you but will help others understand our history. It reminds us not to bury you with sound bites but to provide information that’s useful and valuable.

So, you’ll probably see the “old books” picture change from time to time. Our commitment to providing you with the best information, however — won’t.


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