The President and the Town Hall Meeting

I am anxiously waiting today to see how President Obama handles his town hall meeting on health care reform. According to an article from the Associated Press that I read this morning, one of his topics will be to assure Americans who are comfortable with their current health insurance that things will not change. I’m not sure I buy that completely – if you’re going to revamp the entire health care system in America, I can’t imagine we won’t feel it somewhere. And I confess, that worries me somewhat. I am blessed to have very good health insurance coverage and I’m not excited about having it messed with. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think the system doesn’t need overhauling and that people need coverage. I’ve been one of those people who had to pay hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis for private health insurance and still had medical bills mount up. I’ve worked with people who had nothing and struggled to get the care they needed. I truly believe that we need to give more attention to education and prevention rather than diagnosis and treatment, and that costs must be controlled.

So, I’m hoping that the President is not shouted down at the town hall meeting. I hope people stand up in an orderly fashion and speak out. If they’re angry and upset, that’s okay, as long as there’s dialogue and not disruption. This is a big decision for everyone. We need to be thoughtful.

Want to read the Associated Press article? You can find it on the MNA Facebook page or here:


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