The President’s Vacation

I understand that President Obama is hitting the town hall meeting circuit again before taking a vacation. What a mess this whole issue of health care reform has become! I think the hardest thing for everyone to figure out is – what is the truth?

I heard an interesting comment yesterday that people need to realize that so far, there is only one bill on the table, which is the House bill. We have a copy of it at the MNA office. “Copy” is somewhat non-descriptive; at approximately 832 pages, it makes quite a stack of paper.

The Senate draft, and that’s all it is at this point, is approximately 1,000 pages.

Even though that’s a lot of reading, we are going to need to encourage our legislators to thoughtfully consider the actual text. And, we should do some reading, too. Because, as the commentator said, only in the actual bill language will we know what is truth and what is not.

Some thoughtful vacation reading for the President!


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