Kennedy’s Legacy

I’m now regretting that I didn’t learn more about Senator Ted Kennedy while he was alive. I had no idea of the depth of his influence on Capitol Hill.

Yesterday on the radio, I heard an interesting story. Apparently at one time Kennedy had been in a plane crash and was in a rehabilitation hospital for six months. He spent some of that time talking with fellow patients and became quite concerned about how they were going to pay for their stay. Whether or not his desire for universal health coverage came out of that experience it’s hard to say, but it’s certainly a provocative thought.

The newspapers this morning are full of “what will happen now that Senator Kennedy is gone” regarding the health care reform packages. It is an issue! Both Kennedy’s influence and the fact that now the Senate is one senator short could make a large impact in the process.

We’ve Tweeted two articles this morning that will feed into our Facebook page. Here’s another article that talks more on this subject:

“Kennedy Death Adds Volatile Element to Health Fight”

I wish he had lived to see health care reform take place. I wish he was playing the role he so often played – a man who could “reach across the aisle” and join people together. I hope that his memory serves as inspiration for the bickering to stop and the discussions to be productive.


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