On the Eve of September

It has not been a particularly slow summer at MNA, but almost overnight the amount of projects, ideas, plans, decisions and events has risen at a rapid pace. This weekend I was with the Michigan Nursing Students Association Board and one of the Board members said, “Hey, your Convention is in a month, isn’t it?”

A month! You can look at the calendar as many times as you want but it just doesn’t soak in until someone makes that connection verbally. And, there’s plenty of things happening between now and the Convention. Almost 100 people have registered for our lateral violence workshops in Midland on September 10. Registrations are still coming in for a grievance education workshop for new leaders in Escanaba on September 16. MNSA is holding their U.P.  Conference in Marquette at Northern Michigan University on September 19. Fall is definitely in full swing!

I’m looking forward to Convention. For me, it’s a great opportunity to get reacquainted with members that I’ve only talked to on the phone or not seen recently. Since I’m in on the planning, I know what “surprises” are coming up and I’m looking forward to seeing those in action. I’m especially looking forward to meeting Terri Tate, one of our keynote speakers, and hearing her presentation on lateral violence.

But – there’s much to be done between now and then. Back to the “to do” list!


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