Day 1 – Bay City

The MNA Convention and House of Delegates officially kicked off last night with the 2009 Awards Banquet. It was an excellent evening! A list of the winners is included below but what made the evening fun was that we were able to celebrate so much hard work by so many people. One of our Michigan Nurse Foundation scholarship winners summed up the evening by exclaiming how seeing all these nurses celebrating together made her feel uplifted. She wanted to go forward building on that support and take everyone along with her. What a great sentiment!

Here’s a list of the award winners:

Board members celebrating their 1st term – Jeff Breslin, Lori Mousseau
Board members celebrating their 2nd term – Gail Jehl, Kris Michaelson, Katie Oppenheim, Becky Baldwin

Outstanding Contribution to MNA – Jesusa Vasquez
Cheryl L. Johnson Labor Leader of the Year – Bonnie Nesbit, Kris Michaelson

Michigan Nurses Foundation Scholarship Winners – Hannah Eves,  Brittany Krause , Megan Stevenson, Sonimol Anil

Michigan Nurses Hall of Fame Inductee – Carol E. Franck

Today starts a full day of continuing education – time to get up and get rolling! Watch for more news from the Convention later today!


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