Puerto Rico Day #3


Today was compiling a list of bits and pieces of information from various speakers. The overall consensus in all the seminars is “workplace bullying is bad” so you do hear some of the same thoughts over and over again. For nurses, lateral violence doesn’t have to be defined into a variety of terms; but for academics, there is a world of difference between incivility and bullying. Never the less, there were many interesting points!

Cyberbullying is on the rise (the use of social media to terrorize victims).

“Any bullying” is not the same as “pervasive bullying,” which is more common.

There are actual figures for United Kingdom financial losses in turnover, productivity and absenteeism due to bullying but they were presented in pounds so I’ll have to translate them in a future blog!

There is a workplace violence bill called the Healthy Workplace bill that has been introduced in sixteen different states, but is having trouble getting out of committee. I’ve asked for a copy of the bill from the drafter.

One interesting point was made about the Joint Commission code of conduct. Gary Namie, PhD of the Workplace Bullying Institute commented that many hospitals are ignoring the sentinel alert because they already have a “disruptive physician behavior” policy. That would be shortsighted thinking based on what the Joint Commission actually asked for in their alert.

More sessions and more information tomorrow, then a return to Michigan!


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