Puerto Rico Day #4

IMG_0211Just a few sessions left today but they were meaty. I heard the details of one research project that showed the considerable relationship between low nurse staffing and incivility. The interesting issue here was not only having staff sufficiency but also the right staffing mix.

Another research paper was a survey of nurse managers and stressors. The number one stressor for nurse managers appears to be role overload, with organizational constraints being the second stressor. One interesting point – magnet status puts unrelenting pressure on nurse managers. So many of the things that I’ve heard are “no brainers,” but the fact that people are qualifying the data is extremely important. Still, it is a daunting task to improve workplace culture.

One of the things I experienced today was poster presentations. Some were, frankly, over my head. But others were interesting and very informative! One researcher showed me her work in having people draw their perceptions of their workplaces and what can be discerned from the drawings. She has a manual coming out next year and I’m looking forward to seeing that.

Overall, this has been a great experience to meet with all different kinds of teachers, advocates, researchers and more. I’ve been able to explore the world of workplace violence in a compact method over the last four days.

Now, time a for a little rest and relaxation before winging back to Michigan!


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