Question of the Week #2

Employers are reducing costs by reducing their nurse workforce, generally by not filling open RN positions. Is this happening at your work setting and, if so, how is it affecting your nursing care?



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2 responses to “Question of the Week #2

  1. Becky Baldwin

    Several units are increasing their nurse patient rations due to unfilled positions which are placing the patients at higher risk. Some of our units at night are having 8-10 patients per nurse and some units on days are having 5-7 patients.

    Plus our management doesn’t consider the positions they put on hold as vacant positions as the position was never posted to be filled.

  2. DD-RN

    Employers have always done this. It’s possible that this practice is only now being noticed because union membership is at a low, so not filling spots isn’t noticed by anyone until it’s a done deed, and perhaps fresh-out-of-school nurses are not being taught that they are lucky to have any job, and to do everything asked without question, and are thus saying something.
    In the city where I live and work, hospitals have been short-staffing as long as I can remember, even in ICUs. They are also closing units that don’t bring in the biggest bucks, and forcing nurses to float among specialties without training (this has been a standard for years, anyway, so I guess it isn’t new either).

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