Find Your Doctor Through Speed Dating!

Consider this quote! “Physicians drive health care, period. Ninety percent of the health care dollars that are spent in today’s marketplace are through the physician’s pen, whether that’s patients they admit, whether that’s tests they administer, whether that’s procedures they order, whether that’s insurance they bill . . . As a hospital, if you’re trying to run your business in the most efficient and financially viable way possible, you need to make sure you have the most physician-friendly environment, where they feel comfortable.”

This quote is from Travis Singleton, a senior vice president at Merritt Hawkins, a physician placement firm. The quote is taken from an article titled “Hospital Attracts Patients With Doctor ‘Speed Dating'” and that’s exactly what the article describes – an environment where doctors and patients can meet each other in five minute conversations called “The Doc Shop.”

The Doc Shop is a program being used as a new marketing tool at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford. Kim Gage, who attended The Doc Shop looking for a pediatrician was ectastic: “Meeting them and getting a feel is so much better than picking a name. It didn’t take long, you got free lunch, and you got to meet the doctors! There’s nothing bad about it.”

I heard this story on my way in to work this morning and while I applaud the idea of trying new and innovative ways of marketing, this struck me as all kinds of wrong on a variety of levels.

It puts the physicians on an exalted level and does nothing for the nurses that actually provide the patient care for the patients.

It’s more about the business profit end rather than patient care.

Can you really meet a suitable doctor in a five minute conversation?

What do you think?


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