Murder, They Charged

The cops rush into the kitchen just in time to see the woman plunge a bloodstained knife into her husband. They take her down to the floor and wrestle the knife away from her. She’s screaming, “I killed him! He deserved to die!” as she’s Mirandized and hauled off to the police car.

The TV cameras are waiting for the police captain, who promises to make a statement for the media. “We will be charging this woman with murder,” he declares. “The evidence strongly suggest that this woman did indeed unlawfully and deliberately murder her husband in cold blood. Of course, the court will have to make the final decision as to her guilt. But in the meantime, we are asking that she be held with no bail based on the savagery of this crime.”

The media goes to work, explaining to the interested public that while the woman has not been found guilty yet, the evidence is so overwhelming that it has drawn considerable charges. A court date is set and the woman sits in jail waiting for the day when she will be either set free or given life imprisonment.

Some thoughts:

1) Behaving badly and in disregard of the law can get you in a whole mess of trouble;

2) Sometimes it doesn’t take a final ruling for people to accept the guilt of a person;

3) When all the shouting is done, the final verdict is sort of an afterthought. It’s those initial charges that draw the attention.

It’s just something to think about as we wait for the National Labor Relations Board’s finding regarding Borgess’ actions during these contract negotiations.


Don’t forget the letter writing campaign!

Borgess RNs need your help! We are looking for letters of support for the nurses asking Borgess management to negotiate in good faith. Sample copy is shown below:

Paul Spaude, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Borgess Medical Center

I am writing to show my support of the Borgess Medical Center registered nurses in their fight for safe patient care and a fair contract. Please begin to negotiate in good faith.


You can cut and paste the above into a Word document, sign it and fax/mail/email it to:

Ann Sincox
Michigan Nurses Association
2310 Jolly Oak Road
Okemos, MI 48864
517.349.5818 fax

We want hundreds of letters from all across the state. Feel free to add your own comments! Please send in your letter by Friday, June 25. Your help is greatly appreciated!

For more information on the Borgess nurses contract struggle, click here and/or check out the MNA blog.


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