Messaging the Borgess Way

I want to commend the Borgess management for staying true to one of the tenets of good public relations – choose your message and stick with it. Even though what you’re saying now sounds totally ludicrous with the truth, I applaud your right to stick to your guns. To wit —

“The proposed settlement is based on allegations made by the union that are simply not supported by the facts,” said Shahin Motakef, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Borgess Hospitals and Extended Care Division. “Fortunately the law provides for a hearing and review process, and we will use that process to refute these baseless charges and establish the truth.”

So, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a Complaint against you that — in your words — is not supported by the facts, used baseless charges and lied? You do realize you’re going to court with the NLRB, don’t you?

“Borgess has always been guided by the values of justice and compassion that serve our patients, associates and the community,” Motakef continued. “We have applied these same values to our relations with the union.”

According to the NLRB Complaint, you’ve been coercively interrogating employees, threatening nurses with a lockout, unlawfully discriminating against nurses who support MNA, and you failed to bargain in good faith during the course of the negotations. Are you supporting your associates and the community like this as well? I’m thinking the Borgess interpretation of the term “values” may be a little extreme.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read your comments about the NLRB Complaint. You keep hammering away on this “baseless claim” business but come on. The NLRB doesn’t issue Complaints without validity and you know it. Why are you taking this route?

No one would think the worse of you if changed your message a little and opened the door to better communication. We’d all like to get back to the table and figure out a contract we can live with. But you’re not helping with this fairy tale environment you’ve made where the NLRB doesn’t exist and the nurses will fall in line and do whatever you want, including giving up their voice in their nursing practice for your idea of flexibility. It’s time to admit that perhaps some mistakes were made and get that behind us to go forward.

Because right now with the NLRB Complaint news all over the Kalamazoo area, the Borgess message is looking a little goofy.


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One response to “Messaging the Borgess Way

  1. anon

    everyone knows the nlrb is biased in favor of the union. The charges are just charges. No one has been proven guilty of anything. you have to know how stupid and trumped up the charges are anyway. nurses feeling threatened?? How can you live with yourself?? Everything the union says is half the truth which means you are a LIAR! and a moron. how you got to be a publisher of anything is amazing.

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