Staff Nurse Assembly 2012: Cheryl Weston

Nurses from Guatemala told their colleagues at the SNA about the violence they experienced when they spoke out

“I have taken a stand: My voice WILL NOT BE SILENCED”

One thing that struck me most to the heart was the struggles of the Guatemalan nurse and the many others that she worked with and stood next to in their public protests.

All this was done to make things better for the patients they serve. Some of the protesters were MURDERED because of this. What struck me was that the Guatemalans knew that they could be killed and yet they stood strong.

I thought about my own unit where many nurses are afraid to speak up for things like staffing concerns because they fear retaliation. I thought to myself, “We do not have to lose our life like the Guatemalans do, yet we do not always speak up and fight for our patients the way we should.”

Our vulnerable patients depend on us nurses, the most trusted profession in the world, to advocate for them and to fight for them.

After hearing and seeing the courage of the nurse from Guatemala, I have taken a stand and it is this: “My voice WILL NOT BE SILENCED” by fear of threats or acts of intimidation when I am advocating on behalf of my patients.

I pray that all nurses will stand strong and have the courage like that nurse from Guatemala.

Cheryl Weston, RN, McLaren Lapeer Region

Cheryl Weston and Annetta Segula all decked out for the march to Daley Plaza


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  1. Cheryl Cameron RN

    Way to go, Cheryl!!!! Iam SOOOOO very proud of you and to have been a colleague. Keep up the Fight for your patients!!!!

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