Staff Nurse Assembly 2012: Katie Oppenheim

“We must constantly be in organizing mode” 

What lessons did you take back home?
Just how much work we have to do to oust the corporate hounds, many of whom are in elected office, especially here in Michigan.

What would you want fellow RNs to know about the power of nurses?
I know it has been said before, that although we don’t have a lot of money, we have numbers, big brains, respect, compassion … We can make a significant change for good in this world.

What did you learn about the need for collective bargaining rights? Overcoming corporate attacks against workers?
That we must constantly be in organizing mode. The fight is ongoing, not just at contract time. We all want our employer to stay in the black, but not off the backs of working people.

Katie Oppenheim, RN, University of Michigan Health System

Katie spoke to hundreds of nurses from around the world as part of a panel about the Coordinated Assault on Collective Bargaining at the SNA. See a short video of her talking about the successful U-M campaign here.


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